Lecture Programme and Other Events

Newport & Gwent Literary Club
2014-2015 season

September 2014   Alison Lingham – The Art of Literature
October 2014        Jonathan Edwards: Dylan Thomas Centenary Lecture
November 2014   Peter Florence: The Pity of War from the diaries of Wilfred Owen
January 2015       CJ Dougherty: Writing Novels for Children
February 2015    Justin Albert: Literature in National Trust Houses
March 2015         Carolyn Hitt: The Cardiff media, sports writing and other things….
April 2015          Ifor ap Glyn – Should Writers Perform?
May 2015          The Club’s AGM

To book places at the Club’s events,  please contact Yvette Roblin on
029 2075 4639 by the Sunday before the event. To contact other Club officers, visit the Contacts page of this site. Non-members very welcome.  Cost to non-members: £22.50 to include dinner.  Advance booking essential.  Events take place at the Holiday Inn,  Coldra,  Newport and begin at 6.30pm.

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The programme for the 2014-2015 season of Newport & Gwent Literary Club:

Wednesday 24th September 2014

Alison Lingham discusses The Art of Literature and the partnership between author and illustrator. As we move through the digital age, visual literacy is more and more becoming a necessary skill. The earliest books were considered so precious that they were worthy of beautiful illustration. Some people will argue that the modern book is a thing of the past but Alison will argue that they are becoming ever more beautiful and it is illustration which will help them survive.  
Alison Lingham is Librarian at Haberdasher’s Monmouth School for Girls and has worked in the field at Middle Temple Law Library, Borehamwood College and Southgate Technical College and for Gloucestershire Libraries.
Holiday Inn, Coldra, Newport
Advance booking essential – see contact page

Wednesday 29th October 2014
Dylan Thomas: his centenary year.  Gwent writer Jonathan Edwards will give a twenty-first century poet’s view of one of his great predecessors…. a brief blazing meteor who wrote some of the great poems and great lines of English literature.   

Jonathan Edwards has written speeches for the Welsh Assembly Government and articles for the Big Issue. He has won the Terry Hetherington Award and the Basil Bunting Award. Literature Wales awarded him a bursary in 2011. My Family and Other Superheroes (Seren, 2014) is a collection of poems introducing a vibrant new voice from Wales…  our culture of a post-industrial valleys upbringing seen through the eyes of a gifted young writer.


This event is supported by Literature Wales:

Holiday Inn, Coldra, Newport
Advance booking essential -see Contact page

Wednesday 26th November 2014
Peter Florence: The Pity of War – from the poems and diaries of Wilfred Owen. The Club is delighted that Peter Florence has agreed to reprise the performance he first created and performed as a young actor something over a quarter of a century ago. Wilfred Owen was part of the clamour of voices which began to tell us that war is not a glorious escapade; he so nearly made it through and what a voice his would have continued to be… but not so and his death on the fourth of November 1914 means that tonight we mark his centenary.

Peter Florence, with his father and mother and a group of trusted supporters, began the Hay Festival in 1988 and it is a wonderful thing. So wonderful that countries throughout the world have cloned, borrowed, modelled and stamped the Hay Festival  for their own people: in Mexico, Colombia, Kells, Beirut, Kenya, Dhaka, Budapest, Nigeria….. thank you Peter, for Hay.


Holiday Inn, Coldra, Newport
Advance booking essential -see Contact page

Wednesday 28th January 2015
CJ Daugherty discusses Contemporary Children’s Literature and her own series of teenage novels, the Night School books. Partly inspired, she says, by the Bullingdon Club at Oxford and the idea of exclusive societies in schools and colleges…… from being a crime reporter, an investigative journalist and a political writers, she is now a fulltime novelist.

C.J. Daugherty

This event is supported by Literature Wales:

Holiday Inn, Coldra, Newport
Advance booking essential -see Contact page

Wednesday 25th February 2015
Justin Albert discusses Literature and the National Trust’s Properties. There is a long history of writers and stately homes and literary connections from Jane Austen to filming Dr. Who in Tredegar House.  Justin Albert was appointed Director of Wales for The National Trust in 2011. The National Trust is the largest volunteer conservation charity in Europe. National Trust Wales is the largest landowner in Wales, and it protects numerous castles and historic buildings, thousands of acres of wilderness and farmland, and 200 miles of Welsh coastline. Previously he was a documentary filmmaker and company director of Transatlantic Films. He has directed and produced over 60 documentaries, including: History’s Turning Points (1995); Three Gorges: The Biggest Dam in the World (1998); Trailblazers (1998); Lost Treasures of the Ancient World: Ancient Chine (2000); China’s Mega Dam (2006).

Holiday Inn, Coldra, Newport
Advance booking essential – see Contact page

Wednesday 25th March 2015
Carolyn Hitt 
is a regular columnist for The Western Mail  and the first woman to win the Welsh Sports Hall of Fame Journalist of the Year award. She has written and presented television and radio series on the arts, popular culture, consumer issues and sport for Radio 4, BBC Wales and ITV Wales. Her passion for rugby has taken her all over the world and secured her interviews with some of the biggest legends of the game. When she became the first woman to win the BT UK Sports Journalist of the Year, the judges praised the way she appeals to a crossover audience with genuine wit, originality of approach and thorough knowledge of the subjects. Wales Play in Red (Gomer 2012) drew from a fascination which began in childhood. Primary school eisteddfod 1976. “Draw a picture that means Wales to you,” said our headmaster. Carol Andrew drew a daffodil. Sara Ellis drew a pit-head wheel. And me? I drew Mervyn Davies. The book title is helpful advice to Carolyn offered by a colleague. Gender? Your guess. But who won the prize?
The only thing she hasn’t written yet is her lecture title….


Holiday Inn, Coldra, Newport
Advance booking essential – see Contact page

Wednesday 29th April 2015
Ifor ap Glyn wonders Should Writers Perform? The early Welsh bards, of course, did and Charles Dickens probably invented the readings tour. Dylan Thomas became hugely popular in the United States as a result of his riotous tours there….. and his voice! Other writers have veered from the shy to the downright reclusive.

Ifor ap Glyn is a television producer and presenter and he won the Crown at the National Eisteddford in 1999 with a collection of poems about the problems of learning Welsh. He performed at the celebratory concert at the launch of the National Assembly. He was Bardd Plant Cymru/ Children’s Writer for Wales in 2008-2009.


This event is supported by Literature Wales:

Holiday Inn, Coldra, Newport
Advance booking essential -see Contact page

May 2015
The Club’s AGM

Previous guests:
In 2009-10 we had talks from Dr John Davies, Deborah Kay Davies, Dr Katie Gramich, Jeanette Massochi, Mark Crick, Dannie Abse, Catherine Fisher, Margaret Isaac, Geraint Lewis.

In 2010-11 our speakers were Horatio Clare, Gillian Clarke, Mererid Hopwood, Margaret Isaac, Ben Kane, Geraint Lewis, Rohan McCullough.

In 2011-12 we heard Adrian Metcalfe and Rhodri Miles, Tom Anderson, Professor Tony Curtis, Canon Arthur J Edwards, Catherine Fisher, Alison Neil and Geoffrey Brangham.

In 2012-13, speakers were Professor Dai Smith, Dr Juliette Wood, Simon Brett, Derek Richards, Morag Law, Anne Harvey, Nigel Jarrett, John Sheen and Julie McGowan

In 2013-14, speakers were Damian Walford Davies, Andrew Martin, Anne Cluysenaar, Mererid Hopwood, Kevin Myers, Matthew [M.R.] Hall, Chris Barber and Rhian Edwards



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